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Gathering octane sport enthusiasts since 2006. Club is consisted of eighty judges specialized in timekeeping, processing and presentation of results at sporting events.

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About club

Club history

Auto Club DELTA TIMING was founded In December 2006, exactly 100 years since the founding of the first Croatian Auto Club. We are a non-government, non-profit, non-party organization and we are member of the Croatian Auto and Carting federation and of the Zagreb Auto Federation.

Our goal is to gather auto sport enthusiasts, so that we may spend time together at various auto races thus creating a strong network of drivers and marshals who are capable of meeting the demand of any auto race. Amongst the hundred (and more) members of DELTA TIMING auto club are long term auto sport enthusiasts and activists who are willing to educate and pass on their knowledge and experience to younger generations.

Club goals

The club was founded with the goal of promoting and developing auto and carting sports in the city of Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia and in the surrounding region. Members of the club will be involved in numerous auto racing events in the country and abroad, thus sharing and implementing their knowledge and experience.

The Clubs activities are:
  • Planning and development of auto and carting sport
  • The organizing, managing and participation in the organization of various auto events and races
  • Teaching and training children and youths
  • Professional development of the members that are involved in the organization and realization of sporting events and manifestations (marshals, timekeepers, lap counters, organizers, people in charge of the program, etc.)

Drivers and Marshals

Our (not that numerous) driving team will participate in the A02, A03, A07 and A09 disciplines of the Croatian championship and will of course try to achieve the best results possible.

However, our marshal team is numerous and is a cocktail of young and old experienced auto sport enthusiasts who will be participating in numerous auto events in the country and abroad.


The timekeeping team of "Delta Timing" Auto Club, has over 15 years of experience. We are a team of 80 specialist marshals licensed to work on timekeeping, results processing and results presentation tasks at any auto race event. It can be said that the team has specialized itself for the most complex racing events — rally and hill climb races.

Thanks to our professional services and responsible attitude towards the job we have gained a reputation of one of the most qualified and best timekeeping teams in this part of Europe. This top results are based on the enthusiasm of each individual that is a part of the Δ TIMING team. As proof that we are a reliable and profesional team, we have received official licence from HAKS (Croatian Auto and Karting Federation).

Δ TIMING possesses the most modern equipment (compliant with all FIA regulations), communication and computer equipment. We are more than capable of handling all jobs dealing with timekeeping, control, data input and data processing. We would like to emphasize that we have developed a special ONLINE program for the transfer of data (times) from the timekeeping positions directly to the rally and data processing headquarters. We have also developed a complete ONLINE system of results presentation (including WAP and SMS service).

Our plans for the future are the further development of all timekeeping and results processing systems, recruiting and education of all persons interested in auto sports.


To the organizers of auto racing events we offer a completely developed timekeeping, race results processing and results presentation system.


  • Rally events
  • Hill climb races
  • 2nd category rallies
  • Off road events
  • Auto slalom events


  • Marathon
  • Cross-country


  • Nordic disciplines including relays and combinations of free/classic styles
  • Alpine disciplines

We are able to adapt to the needs of various other sporting events according to the wishes of the organizer.



  • 8 sets of timekeeping devices TAG HEUER CP520 with accompanying photocells
  • WRC starting mechanism with power supply and photocell
  • 10 6-digit displays, for automatic day time display
  • 6 displays, 6 x 7 segments, ability of converging into multi functional display
  • TAG-Heuer, HL-620 wireless input — data transmitter
  • 3 starting devices (red / green)
  • TAG HEUER HL 920, analog starting clock with sound signal — 2 sets
  • TAG HEUER HL 551-1, professional headset — 6 sets
  • “Microsplit”, digital handheld chronometer
  • “Kenwood”, FM “walkie-talkie”, UBZ-LF 68 BS
  • 5 km of professional cables


  • 3 servers
  • 4 personal computers
  • 8 tablets
  • 5 laser printers
  • all communication and data transfer equipment (modems, rooters, wireless and PC-TV converting equipment)


  • Power unit 220 V / 4,5 KW
  • Power unit 220 V / 3,5 KW
  • Power unit 220 V / 1,1 KW
  • 3 cargo vans

List of references




   Poljana Zvonimira Dražića 8, HR-10000 Zagreb

   +385 1 38 35 500

    +385 91 37 10 548

Timekeeping inquiry

Daut Damarija

    +385 99 36 53 579

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Antun Strelec


Daut Damarija


Zvonimir Oković:


Dario Vid

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